How To Be A Nerd


So, you would like to be a nerd? Well, healthy! Nerd's can be great fun but, you're going to want to first determine what type of nerd your likely to be. You can get a good idea from the type nerd you wish to be by studying various famous Nerd Quotes which could give you an idea of how you'd take a look at yourself and the world around you. Just remember that Nerd's are like any other social groups. (e.g. Jock's, Burnout's, Cheerleader's )Every one has their own positive and negative attributes and so are no better or worse than other people. They are unique in their character and are not the simplest persona to play!

Now, let us begin by identifying our potential nerd personality...

The Genius Nerd

"Yes, playing is circumscribed, but I manage to avoid stress. I've achieved a fragile balance, and as long as I can maintain it, I feel less inclined to ending it." - Boris Yellnikoff


This nerd is pretty common, he's very moody, quick to anger, and always annoyed about something. They may be busy scripting or coding something important and have time for idle chat with those that just aren't getting it. He or She is usually quite obsessive and will sometimes be tough to talk to. They tend to look documented on others with lower IQ but won't admit it. These nerds, although, often moody, are quite happy being who they really are and would never trade-in their IQ into be one of the lower species.

Other Traits

You think that others should take more time listening to your brilliance instead of talking.
Always puts aside time for it to correct someone. (e.g. Grammar, Spelling )
If your using a debate with someone and they also don't have their facts straight they will be disregarded as slugs.
When angered, you ought to make use of your sometimes witty personality and belittle them with hard to comprehend jokes and insults
Your going to need to own at least 1 book of each on html, scripting, and Linux
To be this nerd your going to have to get others to feel sorry for you. As your every day life is so complex that no-one seems to understand you. Usually avoiding good friends for a few days does the trick. Whenever they ask you why your avoiding them you simply state that your implementing an important project. It enhances the mystery of the Genius Nerd

The ebook Nerd

"This is the first-time anyone has ever sat alongside me since I successfully lobbied to offer the school day extended by twenty or so minutes."
- Martin Prince

They acts as a giant sponge always looking to soak up new information. These are open to communication although not usually the best at social functions try to feel like they are on these are on their own planet. Library nerds most often have 1 or 2 good friends , nor stray to faraway from that. They are mostly quiet and shy, needless to say, unless a topic is described they know a lot about.

Other Traits

Spend the majority of your free time at the library or in your house studying.
Be sure to get a telescope and, or, obtain at the very least 1 photo or poster of a recognized scientist.
Your not likely to often want to try interesting things. Having things enjoy the same day after day is incredibly comforting for you.
You like a good debate but, rarely get worked up within the outcome.
Avoids crowds at any cost.
Combing your hair everyday just isn't acceptable
Be sure, if in school to always have the worst looking backpack in existence. Never be seen walking on without carrying a minimum of 2 books.

The Fantasy Nerd

"I just activated my w.o.w account again. Prior to my pc to collapse, a sign from god, a test to determine how dedicated I will be...I accepted the task! - Unknown

If you need to learn from this nerd to raised understand his personality they are not hard to track down. If they're not busy in their basement organizing a hundred man raid for World of Warcraft, scheming of a 101 approaches to kill your party as a Dungeon Master in a dice game, they are going to most likely be found at any comic con, game convention, or Computer game Fan Fair. Fantasy Nerds are extremely intelligent but don't usually flaunt their IQ around to create others feel unworthy. These are most social from the Nerds and adapt well to alter.

Other Traits

Go out often for tea or coffee with your nerd friends and talk about games, books, and randomness.
You don't fret yourself over the opinions of non-nerds. Reason being could be the Fantasy Nerd is likely to randomly dress up as fantasy characters like Klingon's or Stormtroopers. They often times, out of nowhere make loud, abrupt noises, or statements.( crying out in a restaurant on the god of Olympus due to blessing them with enough sugar packets because of their coffee)
Crowds are acceptable so long as there are a few other Fantasy Nerds within the mix.
Farting is acceptable around your fantasy nerd friends which is usually viewed as a genial challengebeing a newly formed nerd.